What does it mean to be a Világszép Volunteer?

My First Világszép Camp: Last minute jump in, 6 days, with 14 children (of which 13 boys), 10-19 years old and all unknown to me. When I talk about this, the general reaction is: “Oh my god! It must of been hard.” Looking at the numbers, I myself did not expected it either to be one of the most beautiful week of my life which was full of the purest connections and lots of laughter…The biggest problem was that they called me aunt. 🙂

Laura Neisz

I have wanted to be a storyteller as a member of the foundation and to work with children for a long time. To give something that is natural in healthy families, something that they do not have. It is a challenging and exciting task as well, since my job has nothing to do with child protection. The children are fantastic, even if they misbehave sometimes. The storytelling team is very good, and the best is always when there is song in the story and we sing together.

Attila Bárány

Shhh. I will tell you a secret. Why I am a volunteer storyteller in a children’s home. Simply because it’s good! 🙂 I am not saying it is easy or it is always fun. (Though it is often so.) But the things that we all experience while we read and listen to stories make these moments unforgettable. Well, these moments make this whole thing so good. So very good.

Melinda Lengyel

If you feel like joining the Világszép Volunteers Team, you can find more information on the Individual Volunteering page.