The quality time spent together offers an opportunity for children and young adults to enjoy unconditional acceptance, trust and love, while developing their skills in an experiential way, gaining insight into how they function as an individual and as a group, and what are their own boundaries.

The idea of our camps organised for children and young adults living in child protection care, is to support of each child according to their individual interest and age. Through experience, success and positive reinforcement, they have the ability to find their internal resources that can help them face and cope with the trials of everyday life.

We have storytelling camps for children in kindergarten and preschool, where individual attention and a secure environment full of acceptance are the priority. We use storytelling pedagogy and related art and drama pedagogy to invite children to exciting fabulous adventures.

In association with DEMOWOOD we offer lifestyle and design camps for the young teenagers where they can experience community creation, while becoming aware of a conscious way of life free of addictions. Designer, photographer, graphic and animation workshops help them develop special skills and learn to cooperate.

Teenagers are offered programs that match their interest and real-life situation. Expedition camps will help them learn about taking responsibility and making decisions and the consequences of the decisions. In our Career Camp, children have the opportunity to try out different professions and gain an experience-based insight into the world of work.

We have developed a volunteer training program for young adults who want to join the Foundation as a volunteer and to pass on their knowledge to young people.