Children in foster care often by far don´t get as much individual attention as they would need. That´s why we developed our mentor program, in which our volunteer and expert mentors provide individual attention and accepting love to children and youngsters from the age of 7 till they step out into an independent life. 

The mentor spends time with his mentoree. Time, which is only about them and the individual needs of given child. This is how we can connect to the real needs of these children the best possible way, by that providing real answers, help and support to them. 

Our team consists of volunteer and expert mentors. 

Our expert mentors are professional helpers with broad experience in child protection service. They´re helping those kids, who´re facing some kind of crisis or any other kind of blockade in their lives. Besides that they are the professional background to our mentor program, they organize and host mentor base workshops, programs, team buildings, individual and group supervisions and soul refreshers.They are in touch with the leaders of the foster homes and care takers, they follow the lives and happenings of all kids in all 4 foster homes cooperating with is to see who needs what kind of help or support at any given moment. 

Our volunteer mentors are chosen into our mentor team in a process with several steps, after which they´ll take part in a 34h base workshop. During this they gain deep insight into child protection system while their communication and self-reflexion skills will improve. After that they commit to their mentoree and our foundation at least for one year. During this time we´ll provide individual and group supervisions, opportunities for consultation, team buildings and soul refresher weekends, furthermore we cover the costs for common activities of mentor and mentoree. Our experience shows, that these preconditions, workshops and support by experts is needed to enable our mentors to be present in their mentorees lives in a long-lasting, stable relationship, in which the mentor becomes a secure point within the mentoree´s life. 

Through regular, in-person meetings and together gained experiences our volunteer and expert mentors support the children to get in touch with themselves better to become a person, who knows and loves himself, when they leave the doors of foster care for good.  

In our mentor PLUS program we provide practical knowledge and emotional support to our young adult mentorees at the start of their independent lives.