We have plenty of creative ideas and proposals for the case you would like support our programs helping children in state care as a corporate partner. The below idea is only one of them.

If you think, you and your company would like to support our cause, drop an email to our Head of Foundraising and Communication, Noémi Horváth-Kertész:

Support us by sharing the revenue of a product

If you support us with a revenue share initiative, you not only help the cause of children in state care through financial support, but you draw attention of a wild social segment on the importance of the cause of child care system and the situatuin of children growing up in state care through your customers.

Creative sponsoration

Would you like to help us in another way? If you share with us, what would be important for you during our cooperation, we create individual, creative sporsoration and/or cooperational proposal for you and your company. For more details, write/call Noémi Horváth-Kertész (Head of Foundraising and Communications): or +36 70 678 3939