In order to fulfill their obligation in school or to be able to take first steps into the job market certain technical and in-kind conditions are required, but sometimes not given. That´s why we´re providing a device park at Létra Klub, which can be used by kids on the spot or devices can be borrowed to take home. Furthermore we try to raise donations in kind for the foster homes as well, supporting the kids´ studying at home and enable them to keep in touch. 

What would be of great help:


  • Mobile Data Sticks 
  • Laptops, computers for e-learning (fast and well functioning, reliable devices)
  • Smart phones with mobile data


If you have any of the mentioned items at home or at your office and could spare them, please get in touch with our colleague Melinda Pataki 

If you´d like to contribute to buy any of those items with money, you can do it here: