Wirtz Agnes

Ladder Club

The Ladder Club was set up for foster children and youth to spend quality time with their friends and peers living in families.

In our multi-faceted community space, we offer unique activities for both young and older adults alike with a focus on inclusion. At the Ladder Club we strive to build self confidence in our children and for them to become knowledgeable, creative and free thinkers of society. We believe that freedom and positive reinforcement give wings to develop skills you do not even know you possess.


We build on the fact that we are all different. We embrace and respect each others’ differences.


We turn to each other with openness, attention, and understanding. The basis of our coexistence and cooperation are reciprocity and equality.


Our creative and innovative programs allow to create freely, learn through experience, and to develop by following our own path.


In our supportive and encouraging community we experience the liberating feeling of being and playing in a group.

For us inclusion means diversity, value, methodology and tools.

As part of our principles, we continuously thrive to accommodate children and youth of diverse backgrounds so that they feel part of our community.

We welcome with open curiosity and trust anybody who would like to grow in a community where everyone contributes to and receives from the others, where diversity is cherished, and where every day we, professionals do something with care and flexibility in “small” to create something in the “big” world we would want to live in.

You can read about our programs here.

Do something good, and do it in a good place: Support us by renting our rooms.

The goal of the Világszép Foundation is to make the Ladder Club sustainable by opening its premises for corporate events (training, meetings, team building and other events). Renting our rooms may be a great choice for companies that want something different, leaving the usual scheme behind to inspire their employees with a unique location and opportunities.

For more details follow the link here.