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Mentor program

Children growing up in child protection care, the young teenagers whom just left the system, often do not receive continuous, individual attention as much as they really need. The Világszép Mentors accompany their mentees on the long term with regular meet-ups, programs and discussions, and by providing them with individual attention.

The Világszép Foundation follows and helps the children they came in contact with, living in child protection care from kindergarten to young adulthood. Our camps, workshops and volunteer storytelling sessions help the development of these young people within the framework of group work, while our mentors and career programs focus on individual attention to help them achieve their own goals. We think the combination of our programs is an effective way to achieve our goal which is to get these young people to join all these programs at the same time and to have them participate in each of our programs.

The purpose of the Mentor Program

The idea behind our Mentor Program was the realisation that due to the unique features and characteristics of the system (in particular considering the overload on professionals), the children growing up in and leaving the child protection system unfortunately often receive insufficient continuous individual attention. Our aim is to give personalised attention to children, allowing them to discover their own “most beautiful self”, that is, the talent/power that could give them confidence, drive and motivation in everyday life. We believe that through continuous feedback and positive reinforcement, we can influence these children's with contingent behavioural and learning disorders. In addition, we think that by giving individual attention to them, we can respond effectively to the different, sometimes extraordinary, life situations of these children.

About the mentees

We run our Mentor Program in child care homes with which our foundation already established relationships through other, already running programs.

Any young person living in these child care homes is eligible to participate in our Mentor Program. They can enter the program from the age of 7 by agreeing to follow and comply with the terms and conditions of acceding the program.

Our mentors

Our Világszép Mentors are doing the mentoring activity on a voluntary basis.

You can also join our Mentor Program as a volunteer. If you are interested, please click on VOLUNTEERING.