Wirtz Agnes

Fairytale Centre Paloznak

Paloznak is in the region north from Lake Balaton, near Csopak, a village that was awarded the Hild Prize for its architectural values. And this is where our Storytelling Centre was built on the hillside. As you open the gates, you see the buildings located on a land of about one hectare with vegetable and herb gardens. There are many fruit trees, grapes, strawberry and red current bushes to pick fruit from and enjoy. In the upper garden children can splash in a little pond and a tiny creek adorned with white rocks. In the summer of 2015, at the highest point of the garden we built the “SkyHigh” tree based on the dreams of our summer campers and the plans of the architects of Hellowood. From the top of the tree there is a beautiful view of Lake Balaton. The small ones can use the swings, playground, and the sandbox. There are three big buildings: the FairyGarden, the FarawayLand, and the Birdhouse with an aviary.

On the ground floor of the FairyGarden there is a large reception area, and there are some offices and a medical office. This is the place for adults and discussions during the summer camps. You can see the beautiful view of Lake Balaton from the second floor, the so called “Beanbag”. In this large area there is room to play and have discussions, and the stage offers opportunities for the children to perform, and present other productions. This is also the place for family storytelling evenings, professional lectures and trainings; it can accommodate about 100 people.

Above the FairyGarden is a thatch-roofed house called the FarawayLand, which has three rooms with some 14+3 beds and baths. There is also a kitchen here which remains cool even in the summers, it has a dining room with a long table, a table tennis table, table football, and the Fabrica workshop that provides room for all types of creative work and tinkering. On the second floor of this building there is a beautiful traditional tile stove with seating around it. This is where we tell stories in the evening during summer camps, and in the loft of this place there is room for board games and storytelling. The building has 4 rooms which can sleep up to 8+1 people.

The Storytelling Centre is trying to collect more funds for Világszép Foundation by renting out the building for trainings and team building or other events to secure ongoing income to ensure continuity in the lives of children in foster care. For more information about this option, please read EVENTS.

The venue of our summer camps where all the children can experience the feeling of peace, safety, acceptance and love, and also individual attention, while they pass time with programs designed to develop their age specific skills.