Wirtz Agnes

Pendula Kindergarten

An open, inclusive, creative workshop where everyone can be part of our community in their own rhythm, your own way. In the Pendula Kindergarten, the Foundation funds kindergarten education of 12 children in child care from the first day in kindergarten up until they leave for school.

The heart of our approach is the child as a unique, developing personality. The core elements of our program are free play, fairy tale and free self-expression, methods and tools used in our pedagogy, experiential education, project method, drama pedagogy, focusing, and conversation.

Kindergarten education and skills development are seen in one unity, focusing on the child and keeping their interests in mind. Our pedagogical program focuses on close co-operation with assisting professionals as a priority. In our private kindergarten in District 2, the pedagogical work is assisted by the specialists of the Bárányfelhő Child Development Centre, which has a history of tens of years. In addition to individual development (psychologist, developer teacher, special education teacher, exercise therapist, speech therapist), our specialists also participate in the everyday activities of children in the kindergarten, thus supporting the creation of conditions for inclusive pedagogy.

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