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We particularly recommend these sites to companies who would like to leave the usual patterns of the above programs to inspire their employees with a special atmosphere and opportunities.

Many community spaces in the buildings and the garden of the Storytelling Centre in Paloznak are promising venues for team building and organizational development programs. Although the panorama of Lake Balaton is unparalleled from almost all parts of the complex, the most unique room at facility in Paloznak is the so-called Beanbag Room, which offers an infinite view and wings to creativity with the feeling of community and freedom. The large dining area of the FarawayLand Building is wonderful place to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but at the same time it may also serve as a place for active leisure programs with table tennis tables, game tables, and board games. The two and a half acres of well-kept park with rich vegetation is accented by a little stream, with benches and pergola on its shores. Our programs in the Birdhouse are always popular; you can watch many bird species and our bird expert can explain what you see. The time spent here allows you to learn more about yourself and your peers. In addition to the birds, the charming dwarfs of the Storytelling Centre also make any program fun. The location provides an opportunity for withdrawal, however, while here you are surrounded by nature, all the infrastructure you may require is available in the vicinity of our centre, such as recreational facilities: wine cellars, restaurants, lake-shore activities, adventure park, and hiking routes and look-out tower. The property in Paloznak can accommodate up to 29 people and offers different kinds of rooms for joint programs.

Our Hűvösvölgyi Centre offers opportunities for those looking for a different location for their corporate programs or important private events in Budapest. This venue has an outdoor amphitheatre, an indoor theatre, places for sporting events, team cooking with teaching kitchen, and with options to create small or large spaces.

For more details please contact Noémi Horváth-Kertész, in charge of donations and communication:

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