Do sports for us!

Do sports for us!

Choose any kind of sport goal for yourself: eg. run a half marathon or only 5 kilometers, make a longer bike ride, swim a kilometer and dray attention with each and every of your step, arm swing, meter of distance to a noble cause you wish to support.

How to do it?

1. Choose a noble cause, foundation.

2. Introduce this cause, organization to you friends (eg. on facebook or with help of any crowfunding pages)

3. Ask your friends to support your run/swim/other sport performance (on a competition eg. a half marathon) by donating this cause/organization.

4. Run/swim/ride bike for the cause on a competition.

5. Send the collected amount of donation to the foundation/organization.

Would you like to be our chartiy runner/swimmer/biker/other? Drop an email to Noémi ( and we help you how to do it!