Material donations

At the moment we shall need the below things in our centres at Paloznak and Budapest:

  • Laptop and tablet, that the children can use to manage their official issues when spending their freetime at Létra Klub
  • Good quality bluetooth speakers for camps and activities at Létra Klub
  • mobile badminton net, badminton equipment
  • light, cordless drill
  • laminating machine and foiles
  • projector
  • camera and video camera with the youngsters could realize photo and motion picture projects
  • 10 wall bars, ring, footstools, benches, basketball court to finalize our gym hall
  • outdoor basketball court the youngsters and children of Létra Club to play with in the garden
  • big sunshade and rain-proof garden furniture to the garden of Ladder Club
  • 3 adult bicycles that the camp leaders could use to move easier during camps at Paloznak
  • 3 baby motorcycles that kindergaten campers could use during camps at Paloznak