Transparency guidelines and documents

As an ethically fundraising organisation Foundation Világszép is a member of the Self-regulatory Plenum of Fundraising Organisations and by that accepts their rules and Ethical Codex as binding.

For reasons of transparency below you find the documentation of Világszép Foundation´s work.

Informations about finances:

Reports of Public Utility (in Hungarian)

Form for donating 1%-income tax (in Hungarian/ for objects to Hungarian income tax only)

Economic reports (in Hungarian)

Central Bureau of Statistics reports (in Hungarian)

Informations and data on fundraising

The Világszép Foundation offers children from children’s homes already in their tenth year accepting love and individual attention. Our relationship with children of different age groups is long-term, our methodological range is varied. Besides our summer camps we are able to build a connection with kids from the age group of kindergarten up to young adults from all 4 foster homes we´re cooperating with,  through our storyteller, mentor, career and crisis projects as well as our inclusive kindergarten and Létra Klub.

For more details about our work and budgeting please see our Budget and Professional Report (in Hungarian) and our yearbooks (from 2019 on available in German and English).

If we experience any irregularity, we take immediate steps to stop those and make them right.

Guidelines for customer complaints (in Hungarian)

Informations regarding fundraising transparency

The Foundation is handled by a 3-member-curatorium, which is responsible for the functioning of the Foundation. The curatorium meets on demand, but at least once annually. Its members: Ágnes Wirtz, Dr Irén Katalin Walter, Dr Boglárka Jánoskúti.

The Founder has installed a 3-member-supervisory board to monitor the Foundations operations and finances. Its members are: Dr László Péter Nógrádi, Dr Bernadett Kiss, Robert Kremer.

Insight into public data of donors and the Foundation (except for personal data or for other reasons non-public informations) can be gained by appointments. For appointments please write to

Kuratóriumi meghívó

Az adományozók a szervezet hivatalos irataiba (kivéve a személyes adatokat tartalmazó vagy más okból nem nyilvános iratokat) betekinthetnek előzetes időpont egyeztetés után. Időpont egyeztetés az email címen lehetséges.


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